Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Crazy-Cool Schedule

I have always managed to keep a really busy schedule - but the last few months have been the busiest ever! As always, Girl Scouts is on our extra-curricular list. The girls have grown up so much. As for teaching, I am student-teaching 3rd grade now and I love it. I couldn't have asked for a greater group of students or a better cooperating teacher. They give me great stories to tell! I also have courses 2 days a week. I love school but am ready for winter break. I am just "done" with studying. I am substitute teaching on Fridays when I can and working at a winery nights. Ciana is in her school production of "The Little Mermaid." She got a great report card - her best ever.I don't know what I would do without Erik right now. He is so super-supportive of everything I do. He is the best partner I could have ever dreamed of. So life is hectic but never better. I will post some pictures soon. Just need to get through finals;)

My First BLOG

So I have decided that it might be fun to start a BLOG and share some of the great things that are going on in my life. Everyone knows I am anti-myspace so this seems like a good alternative. I read Amy's BLOG all the time and it seems to keep me updated even when we don't get a chance to chat. Hopefully I can keep up on this between family, student-teaching, school, and work. I will detail more soon.